THRIVE with Whole-istic Healing Co.


Episode ONE is an INTRODUCTION to all things THRIVE with Whole-istic Healing Co. Podcast…so we get to know each other! It really spells out why this podcast came to be about, what the intention is and what I hope to bring you each week.

Think, the synergistic utilisation of Western modalities of health care…together with Eastern Ayurvedic modalities, yoga, lifestyle and practices…to help you THRIVE!

(2.32) Introduction of who is Namita Mahanama?

(4.11) Our journey of business expansion across Australia in setting up the biggest corporate dental group owned by dentists in Australia, and then my journey from maiden into matrescence.

(6.55) Going through aspects of shedding layers of fears and aspects holding me back into having another baby, and then detailing my journey with postnatal depression after our second baby.

(10.23) Speak about my awakening at the recovery of ‘sparking back to life’; that moment I came back to life and how my life changed in every single way.

(13.19) Each day living with full presence, gratitude, glorious life with the abundance of health, mental health, wellbeing, love, joy, peace, prosperity, wealth and freedom…and that it is available to everyone.

Living with the mantra that tomorrow isn’t promised is what we live by in our family now, because we saw how instantly it can be taken away

(15.30) Describe my journey into Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Yoga Teaching, paediatric massage consultant and certified infant massage instructor.

(17.42) What is Whole-istic Healing Co.?

(20.03) Overview of how the podcast episodes will work and what they will be about

(25.24) Mindful Moment to practice throughout the week; which is to observe your life in all aspects and see what one thing you can change to help you THRIVE in your life. Observation without judgement, and only kindness is the key here.

Guided Meditation
Sleep Guided Meditation
My Mummy After Our Baby Book
Shining The Light on PND Book