POSTPARTUM RAGE…WHAT is it, WHY does it happen…and WHAT can I do?

I feel like it is an area of parenthood that isn’t spoken about a lot, similar to postnatal depression. I feel like we carry a bit of guilt or shame or embarrassment when we blow our fuse, which is why we may not be so open about sharing this aspect of our parenthood journey.

Firstly, what is this ‘MUM’ Rage or POSTNATAL rage? On the COPE website (which is the Centre of Perinatal Excellence website), symptoms may include;

  • Screaming or swearing more often
  • Difficulty controlling your temper
  • Physical expression of anger such as punching or throwing things
  • Experiencing violent thoughts or urges
  • Feeling a flood of emotions afterwards, including shame.

Now…what exactly causes it?

It could actually be a symptom of an underlying ANXIETY or postnatal depression condition; so from the outset, if you feel the symptoms are happening more often, are lasting for more than 2 WEEKS continuously, then it would be GREAT to have a chat to your GP.

Aside from an underlying health condition, there can be other factors that are underlying the anger such as;

  • Anxiety or fear
  • Result of a feeling or actual lack of support
  • Financial stress and strain
  • Insufficient childcare
  • Illness
  • Marital or relationship stress and strain
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Burnout
  • Underlying needs that may not be getting met

We cannot help bring in solutions when we don’t know what exactly is the TRIGGER, so it is important to sit and reflect upon EXACTLY what you feel may be triggering the anger outburst and see what is beneath the reaction.

From here, we can brainstorm solutions.

For example, my low blood sugar levels that make me ‘HANGRY’, the solution is for me to not skip meals.

It could also be to LEAVE earlier and ALLOW more time to get somewhere, to NOT to OVERSCHEDULE and learning to say NO with some healthy boundaries about WHAT is OK for you.

Also, looking at SLEEP HYGIENE and ensuring optimum sleep quality and quantity is vital. Listen to EPISODE 17 of our PODCAST to learn more about SLEEP hygiene.

Look at nutrition, so minimising heating foods and choosing cooler energetic foods Ayurvedically speaking; cucumber, mint, coriander, peppermint are some examples It may be worth keeping a food diary to see WHAT foods are causing certain reactions within your body.

Looking at alcohol consumption, as it can cause more anxiety, impair the quality of sleep and is RAJASIC in nature, so can make the quality of the mind more active and irritated.

Looking at caffeine is another one as it is a stimulant and can enhance the SYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM and cause irritation.

Also, utilising SELF-CARE strategies are important to fill your cup because overwhelm can come from not feeling like your needs are being met.

Utilising stress management and coping tools;

  1. BREATHING TECHNIQUES in the moment of anger; breathe in and count to 10…then out to 10……..
  2. Focusing on the rise and fall of your tummy when breathing….
  3. A PRANAYAMA; a yogic breathing practice called SITALI it cools the body down which is great for anger. This is curling your tongue, and inhaling and exhaling through the mouth through the tongue.
  4. Meditation; so many types but the purpose of this is that it help calm and centre the mind.
  5. YOGA is another practice that enables us to use the power of our mind and body to do asanas.
  6. EXERCISE is a great one as a release of your excess energy at least 20 minutes a day will help boost the endorphins and be a good outlet
  7. SIMPLE COMMON HERBS and PLANT EXTRACTS; like chamomile, lavender, frankincense, peppermint, lemon balm, Bach Rescue Remedy, magnesium to work as a muscle relaxant
  8. Reducing stimulation and noise

Now, if you feel like your baby crying or whinging sets off your anger, the MOST important is the safety and wellbeing of everyone…

Please call your partner to step in whilst you take a minute…

If you ever feel like you are scared by how you are feeling, then please

please call 000…or LIFELINE on 13 11 14

There are a huge range of resources on the Whole-istic Healing Co. website to find extra SUPPORT that you need.




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