THE POWER OF ‘FAITH’ to get you through DARKNESS

I am never one to discuss controversial things, bring up religion or politics! I generally am known to be an impartial and very polite person for anyone that knows me!

However, I wanted to dive into the concept of faith…

This concept of when you are in the trenches, and experiencing real pain and suffering; it feels all-consuming, like there is no way out and the thoughts CAN feel incredibly real.

What I feel helps in this feeling and circumstance, is a term ‘spirituality’ or ‘faith’…

You, however, can really ‘fill in the blank’ of what word resonates with you!


The concept is important though!

It is this concept of believing in something ‘greater’ than oneself. Greater than you.

For me, it was this act of surrendering into ‘something’ greater than me that enabled me to harness strength and power and act as an outlet.

It helped me recognise that thoughts are just thoughts; and beyond these, when our intention and focus changes beyond them… it kept me up from sinking and helped to give me a reason to hold on.

It helped me to almost abdicate myself of the pressure of what the situation was and it lessened or ‘lightened’ my load.

Now, it could be surrendering to the power of NATURE…

To all that exists…



It doesn’t have to be ‘someone’ or ‘something’.

It can be whatever feels right for you.

Now, according to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), their website, which I found fascinating, explains that spirituality can help ‘’figure out the greater answer of how they fit into the rest of the world’…and that it can incorporate ‘’healthy practices for the mind and body, which positively influences mental health and emotional wellbeing. These are;

  1. Individuality
  • Enhances a person’s sense of self and empowerment through the choice to decide what their practice looks like
  • Focuses on an individual’s connection to what they believe in and their own personal growth
  • Accepts any person, whether they are part of a religion or not
  1. Mindfulness
  • Encourages meditation and self-reflection
  • Leads to a meaningful life philosophy (i.e. feeling connected to others, nature or art)
  • Prompts expression in any form such as art, poetry, myth or religious practice
  1. Unity with Surroundings
  • Renews a sense of belonging in the world
  • Inspires appreciation and awareness of a person’s interaction with the physical environment


The full link to this site is here;


I also love the feeling that MUSIC and DANCE helps with this ‘divine feminine’…this SHAKTI; this internal Mother Goddess POWER within. It helps bring my heart and brain connection back…

To help ‘SPARK’ that JOY…FEELING aspect to life…

And I genuinely do feel like this is a beautiful space to be in utilising it as a beautiful tool within.

I speak ALL about this on EPISODE 23 of the THRIVE with Whole-istic Healing Co. podcast, which can be streamed directly from our website; but also through SPOTIFY, AMAZON MUSIC, APPLE PODCASTS, IHEART RADIO, PODBEAN, POCKETCASTS, GOOGLE PODCASTS…so tune in for the full listen…or if you prefer to watch; then watch the FULL video podcast on the YouTube channel!

I definitely utilise my power of faith and it has allowed me to conquer another day…another week…another month…and it brings me an inner strength in a way that my scientific logical brain cannot necessarily understand the science or the WHY…

It is something that brings me an incredibly amount of strength and courage.


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