Whole-istic Healing Co.'S LATEST BOOK

My Mummy After Our Baby - A Journey Of Hope and Healing


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I wrote this book after I had my second baby, because my eldest son Ari felt SO lost, confused and completely blindsided by my Postnatal Depression at the young age of four.

His feelings showed as anger and complete disconnection from me, which whilst I was already unwell and full of disconnection, added to the vortex of pain that we were in.

I wrote this as a tool that I wish I had at the time, to gently, softly, beautifully explain what was happening to his mummy, that had fallen so ill so quickly.

It offers an explanation with so much heart and feeling…and it offers so much hope to this child, that his mummy will come back to them.

The book has beautiful illustrations, that were inspired by real-life experiences and moments that we experienced as a family. It is a tool that hopefully can soften everyone’s hearts, add connection and understanding to a delicate situation in a really beautiful way.

I truly hope that it gives you, your children and family so much solace at a time, that someone who has been there, can truly understand.

I hope that it brings you all so much healing x