Pharmacy Info Videos

This is a recording of a training completed with the NPS Medicine Wise about ‘Mental Health for young people’ and the ROLE of a PHARMACIST in this scope of practice.

We are an underutilised health resource that are FULL of information!

This final video is all around HOW a PHARMACIST is perfectly placed to counsel patients into the direction, resources and other health professionals that is required.

We are a TRIAGE service that are available on the ground with full access and approachability, to best guide you towards your best health outcome.

I am a MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID TRAINED pharmacist and feel equipped to serve my patients in a very real and informed way.

Thank you NPS MEDICINE WISE for this opportunity to be part of this mental health training! It was an absolute pleasure and privilege!

This video is about communicating about ongoing medicine use in the training completed together with NPS Medicine Wise for MENTAL HEALTH training for YOUNG PEOPLE.

Clear communication is KEY to increase confidence, health literacy and direct patients to exactly where they need to go for the best care for their unique circumstances.

This video portion is about speaking about ALCOHOL and OTHER DRUGS to young people and HOW to make them feel comfortable and safe to obtain information for their health and safety.

Creating a confidential, judgement free environment is key in building exceptional RAPPORT with young people in order to GUIDE them towards their best HEALTH, optimum VITALITY and ability to make the BEST INFORMED decisions regarding their safe use of medications…my PERSONAL mission and passion!

Thank you to NPS MEDICINE WISE for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful health campaign and training! I am so incredibly grateful.

This video is all around discussing LIFESTYLE CHANGES and non-medicine options in MENTAL HEALTH and how as PHARMACISTS we are perfectly placed to do this.

This collaboration with NPS MEDICINE WISE, given that ALL the work that they have completed since their inception in one of their projects in their final year, was an absolute privilege and honour.

Advocating for what a pharmacist can do and offer within our scope of practice is SO incredibly important.