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What IS infant massage and WHY is it SO important

In this week’s episode, I dive into what a beautiful modality infant massage is and what role it plays in all of MOTHERHOOD! I especially dive into what an important and pivotal part of postnatal depression this modality and practice could play.

It is NOT a ‘crash course’ into how to massage your baby! IT IS however, a beautiful explanation into ALL of the benefits, what it can bring to your baby and the person who is doing the massage…and where you can go to get more information about it!

(2.08) I run through why infant massage is such a beautiful modality and how it is that I stumbled across it.

(2.48) I met the wonderful Heidi McLoughlin from IMIS, and became certified as a PMC (Paediatric Massage Consultant) and a CIMI (Certified Infant Massage Instructor. If anything about learning how to become an instructor or finding a practitioner that runs classes face-to-face, then please do contact Heidi from IMIS, as she is the best point of contact if you want to know more about HOW to learn either of these things!

Heidi McLoughlin
Infant Massage Information Service (IMIS)
1300 558 608

(4.14) I discuss the disconnection as the saddest part of PND that truly breaks my heart; yet, how beautiful this practice of massage is in helping to bring the aspects of connection to the mother and her child.

(7.21) I discuss my passion about using my PMC qualifications to share the importance of this modality to my fellow health professionals, as I feel it is one more branch or ‘tool’ to be utilised in our toolbox for supporting patients and families going through their postnatal depression journey.

(11.20) Discuss how massage needs to be done by a primary caregiver, vs a transient carer that comes and goes such as an Aunt or family friend. The importance is to establish a trusting relationship with the aspect of touch, so it is very important to honour this.

(12.19) I go through specific benefits of infant massage! All of this research and points have all come from my learnings with IMIS (details above) and I have shared these in my book Shining The Light on PND – The Journey From Darkness To Healing From Postnatal Depression’.

-relaxation of the skeletal muscle

-increasing blood blow and the lymphatic system

-reduced anxiety and improved alertness

-reduced stress hormone (cortisol) in both the parent and child

-strengthens the immune system

-positively effects mood and emotions

-improves sleep through melatonin and serotonin regulation

-assists with pain relief when there is discomfort due to the effects on endorphins

-helps with sinus and chest congestion

-enhanced bonding and attachment; a hugely important one for me

-increased self-confidence and self-esteem; which again is hugely important!

(16.14) I go through the practical points to consider when massaging…again not a crash course into how to do it!

(18.19) Safety considerations; this is vital and crucial information to take very seriously if you do choose to use this modality within your home.

(19.40) I talk about how you potentially could continue this massaging practice until they are much older.

(21.42) To find the most conducive time to do this practice.

(22.29) Points about wearing jewellery, short nails, warm hands and a nice room environment

(23.41) Take the phone off the hook or put it on silent, low lights and a warm room are all helpful ways to create ambience and the respect that this practice deserves.

(24.04) The topic of scent and pheromones.

(25.43) TO NEVER massage before a bath; huge safety issue.

(26.28) Discussion about oil choice, allergy warning and instructions of this whole area.

(29.09) A short (not exhaustive or full list) of contraindications (when you would and should not massage your baby)

(30.52) Discuss how there is a specific wind, colic and constipation sequence that is taught in the classes; again not an explanation of how or what the sequences are.

(33.14) The PEARL to PRACTICE this week; is to do some self-Abhyanga (oil massage) on yourself! I run through what to do and the WHY and would love to hear how you get on!

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