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This week’s episode is the FIRST of a two-part series on BODY LOVE and BODY IMAGE. It is a topic close to my heart!

I dive into what it means for me…what I believe may contribute to the way in which we see ourselves.

PART 2 next week, Diana Fischer from Life Coaching will be joining me! She is beautiful soul who I met in Perth and wrote about her work I did with her, when she was Body Positive Mama and have written about her in my book ‘Shining The Light on PND’.

I look forward to her joining us next week and sharing ALL of her wisdom and insights on BODY LOVE, BODY IMAGE yes…but SO SO much more! Super excited!

I hope you enjoy this episode and take some beautiful take-home messages that resonate with you!

(1.18) I run through all that this episode is about.

(2.54) I discuss how in this current space and time place that we are in, that I have so much more loving kindness and compassion to myself!

(3.40) I go deep into my inner child conversation.

(4.14) I ask myself ‘How would my inner child want to be spoken?’

(6.38) I jump into how we are ALL unique and try as we might to change; we are all unique and the world needs us that way!

(7.28) I speak about my boys, and what I want THEIR narrative to be about themselves…and their inner monologue…what do I want them to say to themselves?

(8.54) What do I want instilled into my boys?

(10.00) I go through a personal experience that left an imprint in year 2/3 at school when I was called ‘Mrs Brown’.

(10.59) I go through my own personal journey of body change and how that affected me.

(11.59) I go through my pregnancy and how my body changed yet again; and then again during my PND.

(13.37) The constant factor of CHANGE for women in their body; and how that may be a contributing factor.

(15.58) MY FAVOURITE ‘PRAGYA APARADHA’ principle in Ayurveda…and how it pertains to body image and self-love…I get passionate here guys!

(18.47) I go through my experiences with coaching and what I have learned from it

(19.21) The INFERIORITY COMPLEX vs SUPERIORITY COMPLEX principle that I was taught at a young age about in the Bhagvad Gita and how this can relate to our body image and the way in which we see ourselves.

(21.09) I talk about the ‘PORTAL OF PAIN’ Principle by the amazing Doctor Shefali…and how this rang so true for me! I speak SOOOO much about her and how her work and teachings made SUCH a HUGE impact on my life and my understanding of my own journey!

(23.05) Summary of the episode.

(25.29) This week’s MINDFUL MOMENT to practice and to SIT and OBSERVE what comes up about BODY IMAGE…I ask certain questions to help in your introspection…and hope that it gives clarity on WHAT and HOW you feel about your body…and also WHERE you feel they stemmed from!

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode 

x Namita


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