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This week’s episode is ALL about WHAT a PHARMACIST does within their SCOPE of PRACTICE and how they can help you!

I believe that we are an underutilised resource within the health care industry and I run through WHAT is possible for us to do…and not just putting a label on a box!

I have written a blog article about when to speak to a pharmacist or doctor, which you can read below at;

I hope you enjoy the episode and feel more confident about what your pharmacist can offer to you and your family!

(2.10) I discuss some myths, misconceptions about the role of a pharmacist, as well as discuss the most recent Roy Morgan 2021 finding that has been interesting about being the third highest in ethics and trust behind nurses and doctors, as well as the historical trends

(5.02) I discuss some important points about the SCOPE OF PRACTICE of a PHARMACIST

(7.11) I chat about the recent viral post and response recently on TikTok from an Australian pharmacist with an online presence

(10.08) Discuss the place of medications and products within supermarkets and my concern of safety around this

(11.59) I run through the TOP reasons to chat with your pharmacist which you may find interesting!

(12.09) 1. When you are pregnant and WHY 2. When you are breastfeeding and WHY

(14.52) 3. If treating a child under 12 years of age and WHY

(15.40) 4. If taking other medication and WHY

(17.24) 5. If you have other medical conditions and WHY

(18.42) 6. If over 65 and WHY

(19.48) 7. If symptoms last a long time and WHY

(21.48) 8. If the medication is NOT working and WHY

(24.14) 9. HOW to take something and WHY as well as HOW to STORE the medication and WHY

(29.04) I run through some common services run by pharmacies that can be very helpful

(31.35) The POISONS LINE and what they do, important tips to consider if poisoning occurs and to save their number on your phone for an emergency…operational 24/7

The Australian phone number for the POISONS HOTLINE: 13 11 26

(41.07) Importance of enhancing health literacy and my passion for doing so

(44.43) The PEARL to PRACTICE this week is to introduce yourself to your pharmacist! Get to know them and establish a lovely relationship with them…we are so nice!

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