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This week I DIVE into;

  2. WHY it is important
  3. 10 short sharp practices you can try ANYWHERE!

(1.08) I launch into my epic tantrum that lead me TO record this episode as a way to re-think and re-set my equilibrium!

(6.30) I explain the terminology in our home of being in the ‘red’ team or ‘green’ team and the importance of personal responsibility in acknowledging HOW we feel and to lean into what we know works for us to return back into the green team

(8.06) I run through the stress hormone CORTISOL and how being fuelled on this and operating only from this space is not sustainable

(8.34) I speak of some toxic traits that may lead to this all-encompassing state of overwhelm; over committing, saying ‘yes’ and being a people pleaser!

(10.30) Dive into mindfulness is best utilised when it is a regular and consistent practice, that becomes a routine and that it DOES NOT need to be a huge ordeal of trekking a mountain to meditate on the Himalayas to be successful!

(11.50) I run through the physical symptoms of nervous tension and what they can look like; clenching the jaw, tight shoulders, contracting all muscles including the pelvic floor

(13.08) I discuss the ‘busy-ness’ of being a parent and the natural overwhelm that ensues from wearing SO many hats!

(14.12) The definition of MINDFULNESS from which I very much enjoyed their definition of it! It feels VERY empowering that it IS within us, we just need to practice HOW to access it…a space of being COMPLETE already and not from a space of ‘lack’ or ‘limitation’ or that it is somewhere ‘over there’

(16.11) I go into WHY do we need to practice mindfulness? WHAT are the BENEFITS?

(16.48) The Ayurvedic perspective of mindfulness and points/symptoms from this Eastern standpoint

(18.51) The Ayurvedic GUNAS of the mind; SATWIC, RAJASIC and TAMASIC…What these mean and what the goal is for our mental states according to Ayurveda and the impact that stimuli, practices and nutrition have on our Gunas (more in another episode on this though!)

(23.07) I launch into that I will run through 10 SHORT and SHARP mindful practices that you can practice anywhere…from your car, to standing up…

(25.20) Practice 1: Washing dishes strategy

(27.30) Practice 2: Body wash with gratitude in the shower from episode 10 with Diana Fischer…You can listen to that here: or watch the video episode on our YouTube channel here

(29.10) Practice 3: Sitting for 2 minutes and focus on one breath at a time

(31.23) Practice 4: Standing with feet firmly planted on the ground, arms outstretched to the side, with shoulders back, chest open, palms facing up and pinky finger up to the sky and focusing on breath

(33.27) Practice 5: Looking at your face in the mirror; a practice to process any residual feelings and emotions that may need to be processed

(36.06) Practice 6: Phone hygiene practices and strategies. Looking at my phone and notification ‘pings’ are a huge one for me!

(39.15) Practice 7: The exercise my women’s health physio gave me of every 3-4 hours; completely breathing out and LET GO of everything! Shoulders down and back, relax the jaw and the pelvic floor…and let it ALL relax and drop down vs being up and contracted

(41.17) Practice 8: I LOVE this one; lying on your back in nature and watching the sky above…the cloud rolling on by, taking in all that you can SEE and HEAR and FEEL on your skin

(42.39) Practice 9: Mindfulness practicing IN the car, at the traffic lights, whilst waiting for kiddies activities etc…without being distracted from driving of course!

(45.00) Practice 10: The WATERFALL meditation. I read out the meditation that is in my book ‘SHINING THE LIGHT ON PND – The Journey From Darkness To Healing From Postnatal Depression’ which you can get here

I encourage you to listen to this loud whilst you are in the shower and feel the energetic effect that it has on you and a beautiful meditation you can come back to whenever you need it!


Thank you so much for joining me again on this episode! I hope that you benefit from some of the little goodies and can implement them into your lives

xx Namita

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