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In today’s episode, I gift to you a beautiful Self-Love Affirmation practice that you can utilise whenever you feel the need to!

I launch into the WHY and WHAT it can bring for you…and a time stamp of exactly when the practice begins, so you can skip directly to that part when you want to!

(0.28) I discuss the inspiration behind this episode and why I wanted to record this practice that I often do with my boys and myself

(0.49) I explain the TWO Guided Meditation albums that I have created with Listening To Smile, that are available on the Whole-istic Healing Co. website and the HOW and WHY I created them.

I explain how this affirmation recording is in a similar vein or thread, but the intention that we set for the practice is a little different.

If you want to check our any tracks to purchase individually or the entire albums, then you can check the link here;

(2.17) I explain HOW you can utilise this practice; it could be done alone, with your children, you can use it as a walking meditation or listen to it before you go to sleep

(3.56) It is designed to be a practice where the words can be interpreted by WHOEVER is listening to it. The idea is that it will bring meaning and solitude with different messages for different people

(7.29) I chat about the 4 PILLARS of Life or ‘Ayu’ in AYURVEDA; namely:

-BODY (Sharira)

-MIND (Manas)

-SOUL (Atma)

-SENSES (Indriyas)

I speak of how a practice like this can help to bring GROUNDING and MINDFULNESS to these 4 aspects.

I also briefly explain the different aspects or qualities of the MIND (Manas), as being:

SATWIC, RAJASIC or TAMASIC in nature with the analogy of bodies of water

(11.38) I chat about how I will write the exact timestamp of when I begin the practice so you can skip to it! It is at 19.16 by the way!

(13.03) I chat about different ideas of when or how you can follow or partake in the practice

(19.16) This is the START of the PRACTICE…until 28.10. You can skip directly to this part when you want to do the practice!

My genuine hope is that this SELF-LOVE affirmation or meditation recording, is one that you are DRAWN to and utilise as a TOOL or weapon in your artillery when you need it!

I know in the world that we live in now, where we are constantly fed thoughts that we may not be enough until we have this, that or the other…or need to change this, that or the other…that utilising a practice like this may be such a beautiful and wonderful thing to help fill that from within.

I hope that it is a practice that you resonate with and play often…as a way for you to ONLY remember the bounty that IS within you…the special and wonderful being that you are.

This is my gift to you




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