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This week I speak about the importance of finding your ‘NO FUSS TRIBE’.

I explain WHAT it is…WHY you deserve it…HOW you can find it…and what a beautiful and amazing life changing part of my life it has become.

I have written about this in my book ‘Shining The Light on PND – The Journey From Darkness To Healing From Postnatal Depression’ and I DIVE into it ALL today!

(1.13) I dive into the importance of a tribe in ALL times of life…pregnancy, postnatal depression, motherhood in its entirety, fatherhood…parenthood…and in ALL of life’s stages and ages!

(2.54) I chat about my reflection (which is 9 of 24 of reflections in my book)…and HOW I came to come to this space of compassion and unconditional love in having a tribe…

(4.44) Discuss my pre postnatal stance vs now; my childhood, my ‘GYPSY’ way of living…and exactly what has changed

(7.31) I describe the change in the AFTER and how I deal with relationships now vs BEFORE

(9.21) My ability to regurgitate and articulate every minute thought that I had to my tribe during my postnatal depression and what that allowed for me. I believe that it is this quality that allowed for my family to help me access the help that I needed

(11.35) I chat about the contrast of being so disconnected to the rest of the world in contrast to the verbal barrage of emotions with my tribe and what that allowed

(12.52) I declare my gratitude for my family as my ‘NO FUSS TRIBE’ and just how amazing they are, how blessed and lucky I am

(16.06) I speak about my Earth Angel Julene and how she allowed this shift in perspective that saved me during that time and how she has allowed me to be unapologetically me; which is the best gift of all!

(18.46) I chat about the importance of neighbours, friends, community to REACH IN, because if someone is not well, then it can be extremely hard if not impossible to REACH OUT. It is so important to not look away as the lives of our women matter

(19.49) The reality of suicide being the leading cause of death in the first twelve months postpartum in Australia, that PND can affect 1 in 7 women and PNDA can affect 1 in 5 women.

(21.17) I speak of the newest R U OK? Campaign with the tagline…’No qualifications needed’ and how I think it is the best single piece of marketing that I have seen! It is a lifesaving campaign because you don’t need to be a trained health professional, have a mental health first aid accreditation to ask that question and to check in…so I love this!

(24.57) The beauty of my friend Julene sharing her experience is what allowed me to feel like I was not alone, like I was not ‘crazy’ or the odd one out…she gave me the permission to be open and share how I was feeling

(27.08) I chat about how it can be tricky to find a tribe; how I have moved around a lot so I can appreciate that

(32.00) What exactly does a ‘NO FUSS TRIBE’ mean or look like?

(37.08) One of the pearls to try this week is to think of who IS in your tribe and to send them heartfelt gratitude about all they do and bring for you

(38.13) I chat about being in the space of allowing a tribe to come in…to be open and receiving…and knowing that you are so deserving to have one

(39.30) I launch into suggestions of where to try and meet your tribe

(41.35) I chat about the Gidget Foundation’s Virtual Village and how it is a mediated Facebook group that has other members with PND or PNDA and is a safe space where you can connect to other people in a beautiful space. This is a wonderful resource to access if you need that camaraderie

(42.08) Chat to your child health nurse to direct you to a PND specific local group if you are finding challenges in joining other groups and would prefer to be in the company of others who you may relate to more easily

(42.48) You can chat with your GP if you feel like you need resources and help…it takes a village to raise a child so I get that! They can help direct you to a social worker or whatever other resources you need to beautifully help raise your family

(45.46) It can be challenging to seek everything you need from only one person in your life, whether that is your spouse or partner and how it often is more conducive to have multiple sources of support

(47.17) I chat about how you should be discerning with whom you let into your tribe and not chat to everyone because you want to add to it. If they strip you of energy and resources, then they no longer become helpful

(47.51) Another pearl to practice this week!




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