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In today’s episode I am joined by the beautiful Laura Callea AKA ‘Physio Laura’!

I have been following her content for a number of years and wrote about her being a fabulous resource in my book ‘Shining The Light on PND’…so this was a super fun and special episode for me having her on!

I start with a beautiful introduction of what she does and then we DIVE into our chat!

(4.59) Laura Callea AKA Physio Laura introduces herself and what she does

(6.30) I ask her ‘What has been the biggest challenge with 3 small children?’

(8.03) We chat about her strategies to FILL her OWN CUP

(10.27) I ask Laura what the difference between a regular physiotherapist and women’s health physio is

(12.45) I ask Laura what a women’s health physio can do in each stage for women;



-post partum

(15.08) We chat about specific examples of when you should see a women’s health physio…very helpful information here ladies!

(16.27) I share a personal story of my recent experience with a women’s health physio…and how I learned how the TMJ is very much connected to an overactive pelvic floor

(17.50) Chat about clenching the jaw and the pelvic floor…and how relaxation of the jaw is related to a strategy to help in labour!

(21.00) I ask Laura what she has learned about her recent release of a VBAC series on her podcast. I also ask if not doing pelvic floor exercises can cause irreparable damage?

(24.31) The short answer is no…phew! Yet, Laura goes through a beautiful and in depth explanation here!

(25.41) I ask about women with perinatal mental health conditions who may already be struggling with OVERWHELM…and what strategies she could suggest to help in making it more manageable

(26.39) Laura discusses HABIT STACKING…which I love!

(27.58) I ask if you can do pelvic floor exercises whilst lying down

(29.12) We chat about ABDOMINAL SEPARATION

(31.33) We chat about the changes in our body during this motherhood journey…and I ask if there is hope for everyone

(33.38) We chat about SELF ACCEPTANCE…and I love her outlook on this A LOT!

(35.41) We chat about her positive outlook on life and what strategies she adopts to imbibe this

(36.54) Laura discusses her living in the NOW and this beautiful outlook on life that I absolutely love!

(38.16) I asked her if there was a turning point in her life that created this outlook or whether this is her natural disposition

(40.31) We chat about how she ‘juggles’ motherhood, career, business and life…which is a common thread in so many homes!

(45.19) I ask her how the dynamic of working with her husband and how they make it work

(47.18) Laura chats about her offerings, where to find her, her podcast and her Pregnancy Posse Membership…which is all linked below!

Thank you so much for tuning in…and I hope you have loved this episode as much as I have!




Laura Callea is a women’s health physiotherapist…with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons)

Graduate Certificate in Physiotherapy (Pelvic Floor) and Graduate certificate in Physiotherapy (Exercise and Women’s Health)

Her purpose on her website which I have linked above if you want to read it in full, is to;

-spread the word about pelvic floor health and safe and effective exercise during pregnancy.

-to help women understand their bodies and be empowered to make informed decisions.

-to help women enjoy this wonderful journey of motherhood without suffering from preventable problems.

She is a Mamma to 3 little children, married and lives on the Surf-Coast where she is immersed in nature and a beautiful life of balance…and filled with so much warmth and open energy, which is what I was drawn to.

I have linked all of her offerings below, so hop on to her website, have a listen to her Pregnancy with Physio Laura podcast and take a look at her Pregnancy Posse membership.




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Pregnancy with Physio Laura Podcast

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