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EPISODE 17 – SLEEP HYGIENE, WHAT is it and WHY is it so important?


This week is ALL about WHAT sleep hygiene is…WHY is it so important and STRATEGIES to use to improve SLEEP HYGIENE to hopefully assist in falling asleep and having GOOD QUALITY sleep!

It is an important pillar of health in both Eastern and Western medicine…and one where any CHANGE to how you are sleeping should not be ignored.

(2.56) The Sleep Foundation is an EXCELLENT resource for all things pertaining to sleep! Check out;

(3.27) I discuss sleep from an AYURVEDIC perspective

(7.21) I candidly speak about the sleep woes in our home when the boys were young and during my PND

(10.38) How changes in sleep can indicate depression symptoms and are important not to ignore as it can be illustrative of something deeper

(15.23) I run through some challenges with sleep with a newborn and share my much needed message of HOPE!

(17.00) STRATEGIES you can employ to help during the newborn stage with sleep

(23.51) The principle in Ayurveda to apply for making up for LOST SLEEP

(24.41) Turn the phone off, on silent, all notifications off so that you are not distracted by the ping…ping…ping!

(25.31) I run through PRACTICAL sleep hygiene practices and strategies

(25.38) Turn off the T.V, phone, screens at least 1 HOUR before sleep…blue light and stimulation

(26.54) Exercise through the day but not within 90 minutes of sleep

(31.02) Watch caffeine consumption

(32.15) Abhyanga, an Ayurvedic self-massage strategy and the WHY

(34.56) Don’t eat within 2 hours of bedtime and minimise or avoid heavy, fried and oily food that may cause indigestion and affect sleep

(36.33) Guided meditation and how it may help. This is the link to the guided meditation tracks that I have created with Listening to Smile that you can jump on;

(38.16) The place of essential oils and plant based essences; lavender, chamomile, bergamot, neroli, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang, marjoram

(39.51) The use of an eye mask; aa weighted eye mask and weighted blanket

(41.14) Jot down any thoughts that you have PRIOR to trying to sleep so they are off your body, mind and soul

(41.49) Having a herbal teabut not with too much liquid (chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower, lavender). Also boiled milk with turmeric or cacao and adding cinnamon, cardamom for sweetness

(43.12) The use of PRANAYAMA, breathing techniques and what they can do. I discuss NADI SHODHANA

(44.36) No activity in bed except for sleep and intimacy

(45.04) Discussion about alcohol and sleep

(46.41) Pharmaceutical perspective with over-the-counter options and what the pharmacist will factor in their decision making process. Also to chat with your GP about prescription options short-term

(49.16) Possible underlying misalignment of back or joints; to see a physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath and I chat about my husband’s pillow example

(50.42) Comfortable room temperature; simple but can be factor!

(52.14) I chat about my TMJ issues and to consider going to a dentist if it is an issue for you or your partner also

I hope that there have been some lovely strategies that you can adopt to help you get some BEAUTIFUL quality and quantity of sleep!

Much love

xx Namita


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