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EPISODE 18POSTNATAL RAGE…What is it and WHY does it happen?


This episode is all about WHAT postnatal rage is, WHY does it happen…and what are some PRACTICAL STRATEGIES and ADVICE around it.

It is a topic of parenthood that is not spoken about enough, where it can be multifactorial and lots of layers involved.

I dive into trying to peeling it away…and giving indications of WHERE to go for extra assistance and WHEN you should be looking further.

I hope you enjoy this topic and the ins and outs of postpartum rage…or ‘Mum Rage’.

(6.32) I define what POSTPARTUM rage is as per the COPE website; linked below

(9.01) I chat about the time-frame of symptoms and at what point, along with other factors, that would prompt you to go see your GP to further investigate and peel away what is happening

(10.14) I discuss about how the GP would be the first-point of call that I would recommend if you are feeling like postpartum rage is becoming something to look into further for you

(12.36) I launch into possible UNDERLYING reasons or triggers or causes behind it

(16.14) I candidly go through MY personal triggers of what annoys me, in hope that it can help you in identifying what YOUR triggers are

(27.02) I go through some more REASONS and STRATEGIES to adopt

(32.12) More STRATEGIES!

(43.58) Even more practical strategies

Here are some links that I promised in the episode;


COPE Postpartum Rage page



xx Namita

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