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This week’s episode is all about the mindset of ‘Consistency VS the ALL or NOTHING’.

It is something that I personally ebb and flow through; so wanted to speak into this today…in hope that it gives respite if you have similar tendencies and what I have learned from reflecting upon it…many times!

(0.15) This is the FIRST video solo podcast, so if you prefer to watch me talk if you are a visual person, then hop onto the Whole-istic Healing Co. YouTube channel and watch here:

(1.26) I chat about how I write a whole chapter on different MINDSETS in my book ‘Shining The Light on PND’, and this ALL or NOTHING mindset was one of them

(1.59) It can pertain to ANYTHING! Fitness, eating habits, alcohol, studying, cleaning; you name it! Yet, it is this principle of being on either end of the scale of either doing it ALL and feeling exhausted from it, or by leaving it because it feels too much, but it ends up piling up!

(2.55) I speak into how it has recently presented for me and is rearing her ugly head! It is something that I ebb and flow from encompassing, because I do know that I don’t THRIVE by encapsulating it, yet, it does often pop through again if I am mindfully observant!

(5.35) I speak into how the letting it pile up by doing nothing, results in a huge feeling of OVERWHELM

(6.51) Breaking this mountain into ‘small bite sized pieces’ is my motto; i.e. consistency and allowing it to be manageable and achievable are key here!

(8.32) My disclaimer is that I speak into my experience and reflections, and that I am a pharmacist and not a counsellor or psychologist! I always advocate for speaking to a trained GP or psychologist in all behavioural matters; so if this is something you resonate with, to chat to your health care team to investigate further strategies.

For perinatal specific concerns, I am a huge advocate and ambassador of the Gidget Foundation, who do amazing work in ALL things PERINATAL and psychology is there bread and butter!

(9.42) I speak into how this mindset works for me, what it brings me, as well as how it does and does not serve me

(12.34) I speak into HOW we can make things in bite sized pieces

(15.22) I chat about fitness as an example

(15.53) I speak into the latest PubMed article about how it takes 66 days, or roughly 10 weeks, which is 2-3 months for a behaviour to become a habit (vs the initial thought of it taking 21 days)! The link to the articles about this time frame are;,to%20form%20a%20new%20habit.



(18.09) I dive into the Ayurvedic principle as I always do to give understanding from this perspective

(20.18) This week’s MINDFUL MOMENT is to look into any area of your life where you may be exhibiting this ‘all or nothing’ approach, and reflect as to HOW it is working for you…

If you feel that it is not serving you, then I ask that you look at strategies into HOW to make it into ‘bite sized’ pieces.


A short and sharp episode this week, but I hope you take away some juicy pearls to look into if you resonate with it!


x Namita



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