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This week from the 6th to the 12th November, it is Perinatal Mental Health Week in Australia.

This episode is ALL about this amazing collaborative initiative and HOW important it is.

Visit the official website for AMAZING information and links to ALL of the amazing partners; at

(0.25) I explain this initiative, how there are 47 official partners in this amazing collaboration!

(0.42) The collective theme for the week is ‘We’re here, we get it’

(1.23) I explain how this week is acknowledging and appreciating that PREGNANCY and the POSTPARTUM period is unique, and there are; biochemical, hormonal, physiological, physical, emotional and social changes that occur

(3.18) The week will have DAILY themes for you to ponder, consider, self-reflect and then direct you to resources should you feel you need further support around it

(4.16) The current statistics in Australia is that 1 in 5 mothers, 1 in 10 fathers will experience PNDA; which equates to around 100,000 parents in Australia each year!

I highlight how the sheer number of this illustrates how prevalent it is…and how you are not alone in your journey…which can provide some much needed respite

(6.03) I share my personal story and experience, as well as dive into why I am so passionate this as a pharmacist yes, but also through lived experience and the WHY I am passionate about enhancing health literacy and to create resources to fill the voids that I experienced

(12.55) I chat about the significance of having the BEST, BRIGHTEST and most skilled organisations collaborating together on this with unity for such an important AWARENESS campaign

(16.13) I recognise how unique it is for ALL people; the causes, triggers, symptoms and treatments…and chat about this

(18.13) I dive into how or what to recognise within yourself or in your partner that may indicate a change in how you are feeling

(20.15) I go into how chatting with your GP is an EXCELLENT first point of contact, as they can refer you to exactly where you need to go to receive the support and resources that you need

(21.26) Jump onto the website; and click on the individual partners for further information. If you use social media, then the #pmhw is the one that will be utilised for posts and awareness information

(22.10) I run through the partners who are collaborating this week!

(26.40) I speak into this compelling message of HOPE, and I encourage YOU to speak up and walk towards your recovery…I speak into how DESERVING you are of recovery and I remind you of the light that is eternally within you and to never forget it


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