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This week’s episode is stripping down exactly when to see your GP. This is as a mother, father, grandparent or for a child, and I spell out exactly when to see a GP.

I also run through when to visit the Emergency Room (ER), what to do in an After Hours situation and also when to call 000 according to Ambulance NSW’s directives (these numbers are for Australia only!)

My passion is about enhancing health literacy and to share information to help you THRIVE in your life!

(1.20) I dive into my passion about enhancing health literacy within the community

(1.45) My hope is that this podcast can reach more people or those people that I may not necessarily have reached to help broaden health literacy

(2.17) Episode 11 was about ‘When to speak to a Pharmacist?’ and nutting out exactly what we do; so this episode is similar but about when to chat to your GP

(2.56) I also dive into what to do After Hours, when to go to the Emergency Department and when to call 000

(3.38) I briefly chat about different billing arrangements

(5.10) I chat about the benefit of establishing rapport with your GP and how it can help

(7.19) I chat about the great relationship I had with our family GP growing up and would love to have the same for our boys!

(7.41) The first is going to the GP when symptoms are not resolving either on their own, with medication, or are lingering and I go in deeper about this

(8.47) To go for a child under 2 or someone over 65 and the reasons WHY

(9.41) Trusting your gut instinct as a parent about your child and I delve into this

(11.21) My mantra is ‘If in DOUBT…CHECK IT OUT!’…I live by this and recommend this to all patient’s and apply it in my own home too!

(11.44) For chronic conditions

(12.12) For mental health; GP’s are an AMAZING first point of contact for this

(13.07) With parenting; any perinatal specific concerns, feeling low in mood and unable to cope, the GP is the best place to start the conversation

(13.48) I chat through some simple strategies to help you if you are seeing a GP for mental health; to help you get the most out of your appointment as well as to feel more comfortable

(14.13) When you find out that you are pregnant, a GP is a great place to go!

(14.49) Vaccinations (childhood and travelling) and injuries

(16.57) I chat about fevers, which is over 38 degrees Celcius

(18.01) Chat to your GP about symptoms that we may take for granted; they can be recurrent or longstanding but to not ignore them as we often do!

(18.53) I chat about chronic conditions such as diabetes and regularly seeing your GP to help you get the best outcome for your health so that you can THRIVE!

(20.30) I give women’s health and men’s health examples as to when to go to a GP

(20.57) I dive into GASTRO

(21.57) I dive into COLDS

(23.07) I dive into CONJUNCTIVITIS

(24.21) I dive into DEHYDRATION

(26.18) I chat about After Hours situation and where to go

(26.40) The Health Direct number is 1800 022 222

Their website is

(27.24) If you use social media, I recommend Dr Preeya Alexander from ‘’The Wholesome Doctor’’. She does amazing posts, live videos about trending topics and health concerns. She is also on Good Chef Bad Chef, so here is her link for a reputable GP that is in the space of social media!

(29.13) I dive into when to go to the Emergency Room (ER)…in Australia

(30.01) I dive into the Ambulance NSW’s directives of when to call 000 (in Australia)

(31.00) Lifeline is 13 11 14

(31.17) The Poisons Information Centre is 13 11 26

(32.33) This week’s MINDFUL MOMENT, is to save the 3 numbers in your phone…you have 3 new friends now!

It also is to research GP’s around you and one that you resonate with if you have not got one already. It is easier to find one when you do not urgently need one so you can decide who may be best for you and your family.


Thank you so much!



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