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This week’s episode, I dive into all of the questions and musings about blood tests and postnatal depression…There a lot of ‘food for thought’ points and ponderings that I go through!

I dive into my full investigations with an Integrative GP, as well as an amazing resource by Dr Oscar Serrallach and direct you to his amazing book.

(0.52) I start off the conversation with the premise that I cannot demand anything from your doctor, as this is not the point of this podcast! It is planting a seed of thinking of it as an option; but not coercion from me at all!

(1.55) I chat about how baseline blood tests may indicate a ‘root cause’ for underlying symptoms; such as thyroid conditions, low iron or B6 as some examples

(3.49) Investigating alcohol use, drug use or misuse may be an underlying cause of anxiety and depression so looking further into the root cause can be so important

(4.25) Investigating adverse effects or side effects of medication may affect mood, for e.g. corticosteroids, so a pharmacist can help you with the investigations as well as your GP

(5.51) The importance of looking at the BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL aspects is so important and I dive into this further

(8.18) I launch into the ‘why me?’ ponderings and chat about this…and I write a lot about this in my book ‘Shining The Light on PND – The Journey From Darkness To Healing From Postnatal Depression’

(10.56) I go through my Integrative GP tests that I had and chat about my ponderings about them!

(14.14) I dive into the potentialities of my tests and were there predisposing deficiencies that made me a candidate for PND? Lots of musings!

(15.04) I chat about my curiosity of the link between PND and menopause anxiety and depression? Again more musings!

(17.08) I chat about Dr Oscar Serrallach’s book ‘The Postnatal Depletion Cure’. I heard about him after listening to him on the Melissa Ambrosini podcast and loved his findings and book! I encourage you to read it if you are interested in this aspect…highly recommend!

(18.57) I chat about the Ayurvedic perspective of balance after childbirth and the similar link to the findings of Dr Oscar Serrallach…all very interesting!

(21.05) I chat about my interest and curiosity into more research about ALL things biochemistry and pathophysiology in regards to perinatal mental health!

(21.42) My vision and hope for the future of PND with more research and understanding

Lots of thoughts and ponderings here; but hope you enjoy this episode!



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