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This week’s episode is a short and sharp on, and is centred around the power of ‘FAITH’ to get you through the dark time.

I use the term ‘Faith’ loosely and it can be filled in with whatever term or aspect that resonates with YOU! It could be spirituality, mindfulness, nature…or a particular religious’ doctrine.

This episode is not designed to be controversial…it is not specific about a particular sect or designed to convert anyone!

It is simply speaking into harnessing this concept of faith in something bigger than ourselves, in allowing us to feel more internal strength and power.

It is something that I utilised during my experience with PND and it gave me the strength to keep holding on…and I still utilise today to internally fuel me.

I speak into many aspects of it…nature, music, dancing…anything embracing the ‘divine feminine’ and flow energy…this aspect of surrender and trust…and hope that it is a tool that you can call upon if and when you need it…or simply be a reminder that the tool of faith is there to access if it is something that you have used before…now may be a beautiful time to utilise it.

I hope you take something away from the episode!


x Namita



(0.20) I chat about how this episode is not designed to be controversial because that is not my nature or what I tend or like to do!

(1.47) It is speaking into this concept of having ‘faith’ in something bigger than ourselves…and I allow you to fill in the blank as to what that ‘something’ is

(3.07) I speak into MY personal experience and the feelings that I embraced at the time…this feeling of SURRENDER…TRUST…and how it made me feel inside

(5.41) I believe it is this mindful and beautiful INTENTION of faith that enables us to feel grounded…and helps to abdicate the pressure and stress of the situation

(6.03) I speak about NAMI; National Alliance on Mental Illness and I read out their take on spirituality directly from their website. This is the link below;

I also joke because my friends and husband call me NAMI too, which is short for Namita!

(8.06) I also speak into MUSIC and how the power of emotion, connection and the FEELING aspect of it is so powerful and helps this heart and brain connection.

The two artists that I speak of personally resonating to ME…and not necessarily you…are;


KRISHNA DAS (in particular the MA Durga song)

(13.05) I also suggest singing in the shower…dancing like no one is watching…essentially connecting to any soulful activity that is going to enhance this SHAKTI; this internal mother goddess power energy within…this divine feminine strength…and the HOW or WHAT may look different for each of us!

(15.38) I speak into doing and connecting with as many heart centred activities that bring joy, love, connection…this ‘spark’ of life so to speak!

(17.31) The PEARL TO PRACTICE this week, is that if you have utilised faith previously, to bring it out of your tool belt again…and practice it daily…reflect on how you feel after doing it daily for a week and compare it to how you felt the week before…do you feel better?

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