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This week I cat with the wonderful Endorsed Midwife Gail Colquhoun from ‘The Nesting Hub’. We chat about ALL things pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-partum.

We unpick all of the aspects and benefits of CONTINUED MIDWIFERY care, as well as ALL the burning questions that I have always wanted to ask an amazing midwife as herself!

I have boxed Gail’s information and contact details, and then list ALL of her helpful resources that she mentions in our chat.

I hope you enjoy this episode and gain so much out of her brilliant wisdom and expertise, as well as feel her passion for what she does as much as I did!




Gail is an Endorsed Midwife and Clinical Educator at ‘’The Nesting Hub’’ – a holistic, family-centred, individualised pregnancy, birth, and postnatal service, based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

As an experienced and passionate Midwife, Educator and Researcher, she has a career that spans 24 years, both in her homeland of Scotland and for the past 10 years here in Australia.

With knowledge and experience in all aspects of prenatal, birthing, and postnatal care, in both hospital and home settings, and across public and private services,

Gail understands that every woman, birthing person, couple, pregnancy, birth & postnatal journey is different, and, as a midwife, she plays an integral part in providing safe, holistic & effective, evidence-based midwifery care, along-with support, advocacy, education, empowerment and understanding, across the continuum.


1998 – Diploma in Midwifery Studies (Merit) 2000 – Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (Distinction)

2020 – Masters’ Degree in Clinical Education 2021 – Prescribing for Midwives Certification, Endorsement Status and Notation on AHPRA Midwifery Registration which allows me to prescribe medications, and to carry out all clinical midwifery care (including home-birth) in a home environment, within my private practice, The Nesting Hub, having been issued with Prescriber and Provider Numbers, and it has allowed MIGA Insurance to be initiated.

The Nesting Hub;



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