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EPISODE 28 – The ARMER Technique for postnatal depression & PNDA

I write in my book ‘Shining The Light on PND – The Journey From Darkness To Healing From Postnatal Depression’ about this ARMER TECHNIQUE;

Acronyms are ALWAYS a helpful way to remember IMPORTANT points easily and succinctly; which is SO crucial when you are grappling with anxiety, insomnia and the not feeling yourself.

It is an acronym to help you get through and to THRIVE through this chapter (and remember it is only a chapter and not your entire book…I promise!)

ARMER: (save and print the picture to refer to anytime! Stick it on your fridge, mirror or bedside table)

A sk for help from your partner, family and/or friend (SPEAK UP!)

R each out to health professionals for help (GP being the first port of call or your OB)

M ake a commitment statement to your recovery; helps to keep accountability AND reminds you of your WHY when things feel too much

E xercise; partake in postpartum stage specific exercise to enhance endorphins and general wellbeing and PRANA (life-force energy) in your body. Make it a daily priority; not for weight loss or exertion however

R est and partake in rejuvenation practices; we must rest our body, mind and soul.

Look into depletion post-birth, the VATA imbalance from an Ayurvedic perspective. We need to give time and space to nourish and replenish our body

(4.55) I briefly explain story and background to give context of all of this for those new to the podcast!

(8.53) Run through statistics of PND and PNDA as well as a whole list of symptoms

Symptoms can include but are NOT limited to;

  • Inability to concentrate or make decisions
  • Anger or frustration
  • Feeling no emotion or low and numb
  • Feeling teary or sad all the time
  • Lack of interest or pleasure in things normally enjoyable; even time with your baby
  • No motivation, no energy
  • Changes in sleep; sleeping too much or not able to sleep at all
  • Changes in eating; eating more or less than usual
  • No hope for the future
  • Feeling like you are unable to cope and things are too overwhelming
  • Feeling very teary or emotional
  • Feeling isolated, alone and disconnected from others
  • Having thoughts of self-harming or harming your baby
  • Anxiety
  • Heavy and clouded feeling in the head; cannot think clearly
  • Losing confidence
  • Fears of being alone or fear of being around people
  • Feeling like your baby does not love you or that you don’t love your baby
  • Inability to do regular everyday tasks
  • Disconnection from your baby and children; lack of connection and emotion
  • Inability to function which makes everything feel difficult and overwhelming
  • Feeling like there is no way out, stuck, no hope or nothing will get you out
  • Loss of joy, emotion and pleasure in things you normally love

(14.32) I speak into the motivation of WHY I wrote my book, devised this acronym, podcasts, blogs, meditations, children’s book etc., as well as the purpose behind the ARMER technique!

(15.27) Summary of the ARMER technique; and then I go into each aspect of it in detail below;

(17.18) A is for ASK for help from your partner, family and/or friends…I give you permission to SPEAK UP!

(20.20) R is for REACH out to HEALTH PROFESSIONALS

(25.12) M is for Make a COMMITMENT STATEMENT

(28.54) E is for EXERCISE; make it a daily priority and I speak into this from a scientific and Ayurvedic perspective

(36.29) R is for REST and partake in REJUVENATION practices

My genuine hope is that this is a ‘GO-TO’ technique to be known by anyone having or who has had a baby, so that the basic action steps to help move towards recovery can be remembered EASILY!

Action will allow you to move forward and to become one step closer to living your best life!

I invite you to visit our Whole-istic Healing Co. platform, which is a hub of information for ALL things #perinatalmentalhealth; with blogs, books and more!

The pearl to practice this week is to print the sheet and keep somewhere easily accessible and to share it with anyone who you feel may benefit.

Sending you all my love and strength



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