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10 things I WISHED my younger self knew:

In this week’s episode, I nut out the 10 most important things that I wish that I could tell my younger self…so that she could live a more freedom filled, fun and connected life!
I share my pearls, so that if you resonate with any of them, that it can save you a lot of time and heartache thinking the same thing!
I send my beautiful little girl self, so much compassion and kindness, and I share these pearls with her…not from a self-deprecating way, but rather from a ‘setting her free’ space.

(2.59) I discuss how I believe that life gives us lots of opportunities to learn from experiences, and sometimes the universe gives us whispers…and then yells, until we finally can hear what we need to!

(7.09) I chat about how I love coaches, self-growth books, thought leaders and guides…how much I love Dr Shefali, Jay Shetty, Melissa Ambrosini, Eckhart Tolle…and that my coaches Gemma, Sunita from Perth and Melissa from the Sunshine coast were so crucial to my growth

(10.08) I chat about being discerning with your energy, your time and space…and to be mindful of how you feel and take responsibility to move away if it doesn’t ‘feel right’

(13.02) Number 1 thing; would be that I don’t need to seek anyone’s approval

(13.56) Number 2, is that I am whole, complete and worthy exactly as I am…I chat about Louise Hay’s book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ that I devoured as a small girl…as well as the Ayurvedic principle, ‘Pragya Aparadha’

(17.32) Number 3, I would tell her to have more fun in life!!!

(19.40) Number 4, is that life does not need to be so serious. I would tell her to drop her Hindu/Buddhist philosophies that life is suffering…and drop the ‘work, work, work’ mentality…and to live with single pointed presence and connection

(20.43) Number 5, is that life isn’t a dress rehearsal…that she does not need to wait until things are ‘perfect’ to do it…she only has now…and that is it!

(21.20) Number 6, would be that she absolutely has permission to shine her light! She does not need to dim or ide it away for or from anyone! She also does not need to be subservient or a people pleasing magician!

(22.16) Number 7, would be to dance and sing…and to live in her divine feminine! She has lived in her divine masculine of doing for SO long…but she has the right to have kindness, softness and to be gently to herself!

(23.13) Number 8, in a similar thread to being in her divine feminine, being more flexible and not so rigid, organised and ‘masculine’. I chat about how much I love the book ‘You Are Abundant’ by Belinda Grace that I learned so much about this divine feminine vs divine masculine aspect.

(24.28) Number 9, I would tell her to always make time to do the activities that ground her. That it will make her a better mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend…and that when she is the most stressed and busy, that it is even more important to carve out the time for it…it is not being selfish or a luxury, but crucial for her physical and mental health!

(25.21) The final number 10 would be, that no matter life throws your way, that it can never define her worth…She always HAS been worthy…she IS worthy…and will ALWAYS remain worthy!

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