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This is the final part of the series and we go through;


(3.31) What are NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS that are available for ANXIETY and DEPRESSION over-the-counter & considerations to make?  


(11.09) BEING KIND to yourself throughout the process


(17.49) Write a COMMITMENT STATEMENT to yourself


(20.25) What are some STRATEGIES to use ALSO whilst using WESTERN TREATMENTS?


(37.50) What is MATRESCENCE and this IDENTITY SHIFT?


(41.56) SUMMARY of MEDICATION as a possible PIECE in your jigsaw of RECOVERY


This series was designed to answer common questions and queries about this arm of treatment and I hope it SHINES THE LIGHT on it to give CLARITY.

  • Clear communication and information for me is the definition of HEALTH LITERACY and I hope that this series has provided that to you in the aspect of medications in the capacity that is available over a podcast vs one-to-one specific guidance!


    Remember your pharmacist and doctor have a wealth of information between them; so never hesitate to ask ANY questions.


    I hope you have gained so much from this series…


    Hop onto for more resources and information!

    xx Namita

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