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What are the MYTHS

This week, I go through the main MYTHS and MISCONCEPTIONS that I would LOVE to debunk, to demystify and to strip down!

I definitely believe that information is the KEY to smashing through any FEAR…and this is the same with all things PERINATAL MENTAL HEALTH.

I go through one myth at a time (and I do apologise that I lost my way with the numbering of the myths!! I got so passionate when recording that I feel like I made up numbers as I went along…oops!)


I also have shared a video of SOME myths and misconceptions on our Whole-istic Healing Youtube channel that I uploaded a number of weeks ago…so you can check that out here at

(2.09) I speak about my desire to speak in front of ALL front-line health professionals about their critical role in being able to screen, monitor, refer and follow-up of mothers and their families.


I am so grateful to be presenting this at the PSA Pharmacist
Conference in Sydney soon to my fellow colleagues!

(3.33) I discuss the potential number of people within Australia our front-line HCP can help by understanding PERINATAL mental health and what crucial role they play

(5.03) I speak about WHY I am so passionate about debunking myths and misconceptions

(7.16) Myth number 1; is that the mother can control it, she can ‘snap’ out of it and ‘reign’ it in

(8.51) Myth number 2; is that the mother is lazy and unable to handle stress

(9.55) Myth number 3; is that PND does not discriminate who it affects. There are pre-disposing risk factors yes (whole new episode on this!), but it does not care who you are

(12.18) I jump to reaching Myth number 6 (I clearly lost my counting in my passion!!)…but this myth is that the mother didn’t want the baby and that is why she is disconnected from her child

(14.32) Myth number 7; is that the mother is ‘crazy’, will be ‘crazy’ forever or that people will look at her in a different way

(16.48) Myth number 8; if it happens once that it will happen in future pregnancies 

(18.20) Myth number 9; is the cultural condition to smash through being quiet and hiding when we fall down, and my genuine desire to be open and candid about this so that others can also share which allows a greater feeling of belonging and less isolation


(20.17) Myth number 10; is debunking treatment, whether it is medication or therapy; but debunking the stigma and taboo that surround this. Also the myth that you will need to remain on medication forever; not true!

(21.42) Myth number 11; is that medication is a ‘quick’ fix and to debunk that it can take 1-3 weeks to see some effect, 4-6 weeks to see most effects and up to 6-8 weeks to see the full effects from a pharmaceutical perspective…so to have patience and acknowledge the nature of the beast that is…and debunking that it is not the ‘easy’ way out to take medication!

(23.03) Myth number 12; is debunking the myth that nothing will actually help you to feel better (I felt this way both times). I go through the fact that this is a natural feeling, but to know that there are so many options of treatment available.

(23.23) To debunk the myth that I did not believe that I would get better, even after recovering the first time

(24.48) Myth number 13; is that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to treatment and just because X or Y worked for someone else, that it will or won’t work for you. That we all have our own unique key for our lock and it is vital to find that…and to never give up until it is found

(25.38) Myth number 14; is that it will get better on its own. I believe that time is of the essence here and if you feel like you or your partner is not herself, and it has lasted for 2 WEEKS or MORE…then it is critical to recognise this and take ACTION by speaking up to your health professional. Chances are it will get worse and not better by ‘wishing it away’ or thinking that it will get better on its own.

(27.48) This next myth, is that having PND or PNDA is a sign of weakness…I get quite passionate here in this myth debunking! I explain how rising up and walking towards recovery requires a strength like no other…and that it is the opposite of weakness!

(31.00) The next myth, is that she is less of a mother for having it…and I strip this one inside out also.

(31.57) The final myth (clearly I couldn’t count again as I was so carried away chatting in this episode!), is that PND and PNDA only affect the mother. I explain how it can rip through the entire family, and that we need to all have some compassion and kindness to know that it is the condition that is doing this, and upon recovery, that the tension and issues that pop up can melt away…so to have an awareness of what is happening at a deeper level.

(35.33) This week’s pearl to practice, is more a CALL TO ACTION. It is to share this episode with a mother who is soon to have a baby or has recently had one, so that they can listen to anything that they resonate…if something is holding them back from speaking up, then this could truly be a LIFELINE for the one’s that you love.

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