THRIVE with Whole-istic Healing Co.


What are my 10 Non-negotiables for me to THRIVE?

This week I dive into what my 10 non-negotiable practices are daily, weekly and monthly to help me THRIVE.

I run through HOW and WHY I need them from an experiential perspective and also an Ayurvedic perspective. I launch into a quick ‘crash course’ about Ayurvedic principles and how they help me with my choices.

(1.32) Dive into how I am an introverted extrovert and how I learned what my non-negotiables are

(2.39) Jump into WHY I need to practice them

(3.12) How my Ayurvedic studies have helped me understand WHY I need them and how they work

(6.10) Dive into the VATA dosha imbalance and how to bring balance


(7.04) Discuss my PITTA dosha imbalance and why it occurs

(7.56) Number 1 non-negotiable is EXERCISE. Running, strength training and yoga. I discuss how CONSISTENT and daily exercise gives excellent support for anxiety and depression. Below are some online articles about the benefits of sustained and consistent exercise for mental health; both from Australian and overseas source;

(12.36) Number 2 non-negotiable is SILENCE every day or listening to soulful frequency music

(14.06) Cleaning as an excellent clearing strategy

(14.14) Number 3 non-negotiable is JOURNALLING

(15.29) Number 4 is reading SELF-GROWTH books and listening to podcasts

(16.09) My go-to resources are Dr Shefali, Eckhart Tolle, Gabby Bernstein, Jay Shetty, Robin Sharma, Melissa Ambrosini as my top ones

(18.03) Number 5 is MASSAGES and I explain the Ayurvedic reasoning behind it

(19.21) Number 6 is going on a holiday or getaway

(21.15) Number 7; on the flip side to all of the internally rejuvenating practices, because I am an introverted extrovert, is the need for me to CONNECT and spend time with people and how that makes me feel

(23.16) Number 8, I discuss how alcohol impacts my body and how I feel, so minimising its consumption definitely makes me THRIVE in my health and vitality

(25.00) Number 9, is doing some productivity work each day that I love with passion and purpose (of course having rest days)…but not working myself TO the bone, and not doing nothing day in and out…so a nice balance between the two

(25.58) Number 10, is having acupuncture once a month for my health and wellness

(27.38) This week’s pearl to practice is to find your 3 non-negotiables that help you THRIVE and to practice them throughout the week. Then reflect on how you feel once you have done them throughout the week and observe the difference

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