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EPISODE 5 – The INS AND OUTS of Postnatal Depression (PND) 


This week I dive into the INS and OUTS of postnatal depression, as a way to highlight the KEY features that women and their families would want to know…and also should know about it!

It is a resource that I would implore ALL expectant and new parents to listen to…to help unveil this condition and to ANSWER all of the questions and REMOVE all of the uncertainties of PND and PNDA.

(1.06) I go through WHY I am so passionate about this work and being a mental health advocate; ESPECIALLY in the perinatal arena

(3.39) I explain what I will cover in this episode

(3.59) What is postnatal depression (PND) and PNDA?

(5.07) Discuss Dr Oscar Serrallach’s book ‘The Postnatal Depletion Cure’ and explain how I write about him in my book as an excellent resource


(6.36) I explain how symptoms can range from person to person

(7.30) Facts and Statistics about PND

(7.46) 1 in 7 women have PND, 1 in 5 women have PNDA and 1 in 10 men have PND

(8.55) Trigger warning potentiality; anyone with suicidal ideations, if finding this statistic triggering…to PLEASE skip past until 11.42

(11.42) Trigger warning end

(12.00) Listening to stories and other people experiencing it can be so helpful. I discuss how I am a Gidget Angel and to visit to read and watch other Gidget Angel stories; as listening to others experiences can be so empowering in knowing that you are not alone and is a wonderful resource

The link to my GIDGET ANGEL story is here:

(13.19) What are the SIGNS and SYMPTOMS?

(19.31) How is it DIAGNOSED?

(19.52) Important factor is the TWO week timeframe as a key differentiating factor to observe

(20.51) Discuss the EPDS (Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale) questionnaire

(23.57) What are the CAUSES or PREDISPOSING FACTORS?

(29.15) What is the BEST thing to do if yourself, your partner, friend or family member has PND?

(32.09) Recovery IS possible

(35.58) Information for the partner if they are listening to this episode

(37.44) The PEARL to PRACTICE this week; is to sit with your eyes closed…take 5 diaphragmatic breaths and then ask yourself ‘how am I feeling today?’…then observe what comes up for you

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