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Shining The Light On PND - The Journey From Darkness to Healing From Post-Natal Depression


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Have you had a baby and are just not feeling like yourself? Do you feel like you are in a dark fog, cannot think coherently and are riddled with anxiety and insomnia? Or is this your partner?

Do you find yourself not connecting with motherhood or your beautiful baby?

Are you having a baby soon and want to know what Post-Natal Depression looks and feels like so you can recognise it if it comes knocking on your door completely unannounced? Do you want to learn about insightful reflections and tools to help you survive it?

Then this book is for you!

Following the birth of both of her sons, instead of revelling in the most joyous time of her life, Namita fell into the darkest and heaviest of Post-Natal Depressions. She vowed that if she survived and healed through this most harrowing chapter in her life, she would rise up, break the stigma and hold that this has on women and share her story to inspire and create hope for others and their families navigating their way through this journey.

Shining the Light on PND was created as a survival guide by allowing the reader to see exactly how she was thinking and feeling in hope that if you recognise this in yourself or your partner, you will gain the strength to reach out for help. It is an open recounting of her experience, reflections and learnings; perspectives on mindsets; and information about medications, hormones, strategies and healing tools for the mother to use, as well as her carer.

Her hope is that it paves the path towards more understanding, universal compassion and awareness, so that women do not need to suffer in silence any longer.

Namita draws upon her own heart-wrenching first hand experience as well as her professional knowledge as a pharmacist, studies in Eastern Ayurveda and infant massage, to provide practical tools to help hold the hands of any women suffering so they no longer feel alone along this path of healing.


Namita Mahanama is a registered Pharmacist. After her children were born, she furthered her qualifications as a Paediatric Massage Consultant and a CIMI (Certified Infant Massage Instructor), and is currently a student of Ayurvedic Yoga Teaching and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultancy.

She draws upon her professional knowledge as well as her own first-hand experience suffering through two post-natal depressions after having both of her children. Her honesty and authenticity in raising awareness of the condition is refreshing and aims to create a positive change in this arena of healthcare.

Her intention is to uplift and inspire women to speak up about their condition, and to break through the stigma and misconceptions held about post-natal depression. She has created a resource that she wishes she and her family had access to when she was unwell, as they felt extremely lost finding their way through the journey.

The trajectory of her life has shifted into creating space and allowing for women to heal and no longer suffer in silence, and to rise up into their light through their healing.

Namita is the founder and director of Whole-istic Healing Co., a platform centred around synergistically bringing Eastern and Western modalities of healing together, through her background and experience, in order to support women and their children through their healing.

She is passionate about creating tools available to all women with the specific intention of creating balance and healing for the person as a whole, integrating their body, mind, and spirit.

Namita has also written a children’s book called “My Mummy After Our Baby: A Journey of Hope and Healing” as a resource to help children understand the reality of post-natal depression in the gentle, light, and beautiful way that she wished was available for her eldest son when she fell prey to it with her second baby.