SLEEP GUIDED MEDITATION Sound Healing and Affirmations

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This album has 4 tracks and was created knowing how much I struggled with insomnia with my PND.

I tossed and turned, riddled with anxiety that pierced my chest with numbness and discomfort.

Night-time was the worst for me, as the silence was deafening and there was no distraction for my thoughts.

I have combined 4 different tracks that are filled with soft and gentle affirmations, rather than a guided meditation.

It has been designed to be played out loud in the room on repeat, with the subconscious messages from the affirmations, bringing feelings of self-love, love to the baby, connection and unconditional love.

The disconnection between mother and baby, for me, was the cruelest symptom of postnatal depression.

One that breaks my heart even today as being such an awful effect of this condition.

This is why, I wanted to bring both the mother and the baby that would be hearing it within the same room…messages of love, connection, belonging, being worthy and so wanted…as messages like this are not easy to say or feel in the throes of PND.

I wanted to bring a tool and resource to fill this missing link with the disconnection, that I struggled with so much during my illness. I needed nudges to help me with my connection…and there was nothing available for me.

So me and baby boys…suffered within our silence.

My boys deserved to hear that they were loved and mattered, when I could not say that myself for those 11 weeks.

I feel of all the tracks, this makes my heart sing with being an offering of a practical and vital nature!

These messages will have an imprint at a cellular level…one where a growing baby, would thrive upon hearing them, as well as the mother.

This Sound Healing track is recorded on 4 separate tracks with 174 Hz, 417 Hz, 852 Hz and 528Hz frequencies

According to Listening To Smile;

174 Hz

This is the lowest frequency on the Solfeggio scale and can help to reduce pain within the body and help to feel one feel more secure.

417 Hz

This can help to relieve stress and tension and can help with emotional and physical energy blocks.

852 Hz

This is the Third Eye Chakra Solfeggio frequency, that can help reconnect with one’s spiritual order.

528 Hz

This is the frequency of love as well as; helping with anxiety and pain relief.

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