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Postnatal Depression is the highest cause of maternal death in the first 12-months post-delivery.

This is why I am SO passionate about raising awareness on the condition…smashing through the stigma that surrounds it AND to create tools to help in the entire journey that PND brings to the mother and her family in the throes of it.

I experienced first-hand how alone and isolated I felt in my experience. 

I sat alone in my silent room…riddled with anxiety, insomnia, fear whilst being unable to eat or function.

I was plagued by my intrusive thoughts.

I realised that in the waiting game of either…

+ denial (please don’t stay here long Mama’s I beg you!)… 

+ or waiting for treatments to work (the nature of the beast that is…all part of the process and not to despair…it will and can work for you too!)…

that there were no tools available for our beautiful mothers or their partner/carer/family member to utilise, to bring in the aspect of a softer environment, as a way to bring subtle elements of healing to her nervous system…that is so incredibly stretched within PND.

In my Eastern Ayurveda studies, we appreciate that our 5 senses and what is consumed through them, has a subtle imprint and effect within our body…at a cellular level.

I also have been to so many beautiful sound healing gatherings, especially by a beautiful lady in Perth, Tenille Bentley, who opened my eyes into the beautiful nourishing capacity that frequency-music can bring into our body, mind and soul.

She introduced me to Ian Morris, from Listening To Smile, where we have collaborated using his beautiful special curated and intertwined frequency tracks, together with my guided meditations. 

I wanted so desperately to bring this aspect of healing within the body, mind and spirit at a cellular level, with the sole intention of slowing, nourishing and grounding the nervous system.

I do not want any other woman or her family…to remain trapped in the silence of the ruminating thoughts…like I was. 

Crippled in my darkness.

Had my husband had access to calming and connective tracks like this, then I would have used them and the effect would have helped steer my thoughts into the meditations…whilst also allowing the music to have brought a softness within our home…within my room; and utilising the sense of sound to hold my body in a rejuvenating and nourishing way.


By no means am I claiming that these guided meditations will heal your postnatal depression…not at all.

However, I believe that tools that help to calm…ground…soothe your nervous system whilst you wait in conjunction with Western allopathic treatments, then it will allow the body and mind to receive the benefits that mindfulness brings…in a truly profound way.

The reality is, treatment is not a ‘quick fix’…it can take sometimes days…weeks…or months to see changes in how you feel on a physical, emotional and psychological level. 

This is why I wanted to create this as a beautiful resource and tool for you to use within your home, to bring some softness and respite.



I created this to help appease all thoughts about how we as mothers feed our babies. 

One of my huge reflections that I had after I had immense trouble with my breast-feeding journey with both of my boys… was that it did not matter how I fed my babies…

I was riddled with guilt, shame and embarrassment about what my body ‘had failed to do’, and instead had to make immense peace with feeding them with formula…and to forgive myself for this.

I recorded a guided meditation myself once I had recovered from my PND, and as I listened to it whilst feeding my boys, I would infuse my milk with almost a Reiki-type energy and essence…

and I poured all of my love, nurturing and nourishing intention, which I felt had such a beautiful aspect of connection…but also carrying so much lighter aspects in feeding, than the frustration and resentment that I felt before this shift in paradigm.

In Ayurveda, the ‘sadhana’ of the kitchen…or the mindfulness and intention of love and devotion in preparing food, has the capacity to infuse the food when eaten and then assimilated into the body.

In the same way, forgiving ourselves and releasing the hang-ups we have if we are having trouble breast-feeding, or if we are breast-feeding…setting the intention of nourishing our beautiful baby…instead of aimlessly scrolling through Facebook or ‘going through the motions’ instead of allowing it to be a time of connection; will have such a greater bonding (a huge impact of PND) and nutritiously beautiful effect for our baby.

This track is to bring this soulful love and intention into feeding your baby, whichever way you choose to feed your baby. 

 This Guided meditation track is recorded on a 528Hz frequency music track

The Listening To Smile platform, denotes the 528Hz as being the frequency of LOVE as well as being one to help bring transformation and help with anxiety and pain relief.  


I created this guided meditation with another 528Hz frequency music track in the background, as I wanted to help in sending the intention throughout the body for the physical recovery of birthing a baby.

We forget how much our body has endured, from the process of growing our baby, to the process of delivering them. 

This guided meditation is centred around sending healing thoughts and intentions throughout the body; to help nourish the nervous system…as well as the body, mind and soul.

We cannot forget the journey of change in our body and jump back into life as if we just had our teeth cleaned!!

This soulful and relaxing meditation will help to bring calm into your body, mind, spirit and home.


I felt like there were so many layers that I had to peel away from my birthing experience and the fact that I had postnatal depression. It took time, considered awareness that I was embodying and carrying them…as well as a concerted effort to strip them away from my being one at a time.

Carrying anger, guilt, shame and fear within our body…is keeping it stored within our being at a cellular level and it serves no purpose, other than to make us feel worse and keeping us stuck in a negative spiral.

It serves no body.

It is carrying the weight of things that hold us down…bog us down…and they are views and feelings that we need to set down.

This Guided meditation track is recorded on a 390.6 Hz frequency music track

This guided meditation goes through each of these emotions…one by one…with the frequency of 390.6 Hz.

According to Listening To Smile, this is a grounding frequency, it helps to peel back layers and to help in quietening the mind, which is a beautiful way to help integrate this meditation.


There is a saying ‘to live with an attitude of gratitude’, and this I feel is such a beautiful way to change our negative thought patterns and spiral, when that can be the natural baseline in the throes of postnatal depression.

This meditation guides through gratitude statements to focus on, with the hope and aim to shift the mind into more and more aspects to focus gratitude on as well as to raise the vibration and thoughts/feelings 

This Guided meditation track is recorded on a 329.9 Hz frequency music track

According to Listening To Smile, the frequency 329.9 Hz helps to bring about grounding, helps with breathing and to encourage a better flow state.


This meditation has an earthy and tribal tone to travel through a woman circle holding intention. 

It guides through the feelings of love, wisdom and to embrace the power and unconditional love of all the women in her past and in life; to help feel grounded…held…nourished like a warm embrace.

It is a powerful meditation with the intention of allowing you to feel seen…heard and held in such an organic way…one of my favourites!

Sometimes we get lost in the ‘human do-ing’ aspects of life, and not so much the ‘human be-ing’ aspect; and this reminder of our connection to our ancestors and unconditional love at large…is one that hopefully brings your connection to life and love back into your hearts.

This Guided meditation track is recorded on a 741 Hz frequency music track

This frequency is said to help with the Throat Chakra, and can help with areas of empowerment, speaking one’s truth and self-confidence, as per Listening To Smile.


The intention of this guided meditation, is to help soothe and relax the nervous system, which is over stretched with postnatal depression.

With symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia, the nervous system is over-stimulated. This is our ‘fight-or-flight’ system, that keeps us in a hyper-aroused state.

We need to help with bringing elements of calming and grounding, as strategies to help activate the parasympathetic nervous; which is our natural unstimulated state.

I felt during my experience, that whilst I clearly had symptoms of anxiety, loss of appetite, insomnia and deep depression…I did not access, or utilise any strategies to help bring calm into my nervous system.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, bringing more Earth elements to bring grounding, will help to pacify the aggravated Vata dosha that occurs from child birth (excess air and space).

 This Guided meditation track is recorded on a 528Hz frequency music track

The Listening To Smile platform, denotes the 528Hz as being the frequency of LOVE as well as being one to help bring transformation and help with anxiety and pain relief. 


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Tracks can be purchased INDIVIDUALLY for $5 each, or the ENTIRE ALBUM of the 6 tracks can be purchased for $23  securely through PayPal.

They can be streamed directly either through the Bandcamp App, or downloaded onto your device.