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Straight Chatting from the Library: Namita Mahanama

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When did you first know you wanted to be a writer/author?

To be honest, I never had an intention to become an author as a young person! It was only through my experience of recovering from postnatal depression the second time, that I knew that I had to share my experience and my story with the world.

I started with my children’s book first, which was very much connected with my heart and an illustrated representation of our lived experience.

I then went on to write my non-fiction book, Shining The Light on PND – A Journey of Darkness From Darkness to Healing From Postnatal Depression, so that I could share my insights, story and reflections with all of the women and families who need to hear it.

Were you a good reader/writer in school?

I have always been very articulate in sharing my thoughts and feelings; mainly through a journal format growing up. I never thought that I would do this on a more public platform!

I have always loved reading and would lose myself for hours and days reading all sorts of books!

Even now, I am constantly buying books to read which are forming a big pile on my bedside table…yet time as a young working mother, means that I am not as vigilant or as productive in making my way through the pile!

How do you organize your thoughts for a book?

When writing, I always start with a clear vision in my head and would jot it down on a blank Word document…then bring it to life from this blueprint.

I am quite a sequential person, so having a rough outline of where I want to head is the best way for me to filter my thoughts and bring the ideas into a reality.

Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone to put forth a story?

Writing my non-fiction book, Shining The Light On PND – A Journey From Darkness To Healing From Postnatal Depression, was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone!

I shared my experiential story in a very graphic and honest way, that left no room for staying ‘safe’. I wanted transparency to allow others going through the same experience to not feel alone in their journey and to draw parallels with what I went through to see that they too have a way out from how they are feeling.

Being so vulnerable and ‘putting it all out there’ for the world to read, was a huge process for me, especially given that this condition in itself is one that is not spoken about enough because of the taboo and stigma that surrounds it.

Ironically though, this is the reason that inspired me to keep going, as I knew that it was ever more important to do this, despite any resistance I was feeling about it all.

Do you ever get writer’s block? If yes, what do you do to get back in sync?

Of course! I wrote both of my books in lockdown with my two boys at home, so there were many moments of noise, mess and chaos that prevented my ‘flow’ or where I was in a huge writer’s block…or experiencing energetic resistance from laying all my cards on the table.

It has been such a process of working through my triggers and layers that needed to strip away, in order to allow myself to be ‘all-in’ with this writing.

I always find that exercise is the best way for me to get into my ‘flow state’. The prana or life-force that circulates through my body always feels clearing and gives me energy. The endorphins, circulation and flow to my brain and body is undeniable and is always my ‘go-to’ resource for whenever I feel stuck and stagnant in writing as well as life in general!

What does success as an author look like to you?

Success as an author looks to me, is quite simply being able to make a difference in the lives of women and their families who are enduring postnatal depression.

It absolutely means to me that I am evoking understanding, compassion and empathy around the condition as well as also offering practical tools of support to these people. Success means that I am making a real change in the narrative and landscape of perinatal mental health.

It is important to me as a mother, as well as a health professional to be encouraging health and wellness, but also as a woman with lived-experience to create change in the stigma and taboo of the condition that I certainly faced.

What favourite places have you visited? Where do you want to visit and haven’t yet?

My favourite place would have to be London! I absolutely love everything about it and also the ease to travel around Europe!

I definitely want to spend a good 6 to 8 weeks in Europe once my boys are a bit older, so we can travel from one country to the next and devour the culture and all aspects. My youngest is still 3, so the thought of international travel scares me right now with all of the logistics with a ‘toddler’…but hopefully within the next handful of years we can do this! I am definitely counting down!

Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are their names?

Yes, we have a fur-baby called Ruphus! He is depicted as Rupert in My Mummy After Our Baby – A Journey of Hope and Healing.

He is our 12-year old Moodle (Maltese Toy Poodle) and our first born baby! He sleeps on our bed and really thinks of himself as a human!

Do you binge on any TV shows? If yes, which ones?

I love trying new shows and movies! I definitely love romantic ones or thriller type ones; the most recent binge watch being Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix.

If you could bring anyone back to life for one day, who would it be and why?

If I could bring back someone, it would be Mother Teresa. I would love to know how she was such an amazing vehicle of service with kindness and compassion. I would love to get as many insights into evoking change as she was able to bring…with peace and harmony!


My Mummy After Our Baby: A Journey Of Hope and Healing is a beautifully written and illustrated story, about the reality of post-natal depression setting in after the birth of their perfect little baby. It is a gentle, soft, perfectly put together story, filled with an abundance of emotion and heart to explain what is happening at home, for all children who may be feeling lost and confused about what is happening to their Mummy after becoming unwell.

It is written by a mother who experienced this twice herself and vowed to create a beautiful explanation and tool, in order to provide hope, solace and strength for other families, that she wished was available for her children.

This beautiful book is written in the hope of educating, as well as to be a connective and bonding tool, at a time when a family needs it the most. It is gently and eloquently written, with the most amazing illustrations, that will form the basis of a vital healing tool in the home of everyone who is going through this harrowing chapter.

The author has brought the prospect of hope in a perfect package here and is her gift to you and your family, to navigate through this chapter with as much peace and lightness as possible.

As the end of Summer arrived, Aydan turned four and his Mummy and Daddy gave him the biggest birthday party. It had all the cake, balloons, games and friends that you could possibly imagine and hope for!

His Mummy was super tired these days as she had another beautiful tiny baby growing inside of her tummy but she wanted to give him the most special day.

In a few short weeks, this little family of four would now become five and they were all SO excited!

The little baby boy had his beautiful nursery all set up and ready for his arrival into the world. His Mummy had neatly arranged all of the baby’s clothes, blankets, ornaments and had made the most peaceful space for Aydan’s little brother.

She would sit in there and fill the space with so much loving kindness, that it penetrated the entire home. Her heart was that big and overflowing.

His Mummy promised Aydan that he would love and adore his new baby brother. She explained that her heart was so big and full of love for Aydan that it was overflowing. Soon this little baby would get to feel her love pour onto him and that her love was limitless.


Namita is a mother of two boys and draws upon her heart-wrenching first-hand experience of post-natal depression, after the birth of both of her children. She is creating a myriad of support tools for women and their families, to navigate through their journeys of PND with as much ease and grace as possible.

Namita is a registered pharmacist who has qualifications in Ayurveda and Ayurveda Yoga teaching, as well as being a PMC (paediatric massage consultant) and CIMI (certified infant massage instructor). She draws upon her professional knowledge as well as her own experience, to be the support lifeline at a time when families need it the most.

Her intention is that she can be a beacon of hope and shine much-needed light, on the road towards the mothers and the entire family’s healing and recovery. She hopes to inspire and uplift you through this chapter in your life.

WEBSITE: https://wholeistichealingco.com/
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/whole_istichealingco/
GOODREADS: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/22118373.Namita_Mahanama

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