Whilst we ARE in the middle of the second month of the year, with school beginning and myself going back to work and our usual routine, it IS the PERFECT time and opportunity to set intentional goals for the year!

Episode 27 of the ‘THRIVE with Whole-istic Healing Co.’ podcast is ALL around this!

So, WHY exactly are goals important?

They allow for your actions to have INTENTION.

They also provide; direction, focus and clarity.

They also allow an opportunity to check in on what IS and what ISN’T working, which is great!

I feel that they encourage your life to be held WITHIN what you consider important, yet, I am also flexible with the day-to-day accomplishment of them…because of the nature of life with kids!


WHAT else is important to remember whilst goal setting?

I do believe that goals are important, HOWEVER, I am mindful about not letting the present disappear in ‘hope’ of the grass being greener when X, Y or Z is achieved!

It IS about the journey; the small steps and not thinking that you will be happy ‘when’ something is realised, but only within the now.

I ask that you always remind yourself of this when life throws you curve balls, that whilst it is important to ‘’work with the end in mind’’…don’t lose sight of the RIGHT NOW, which is all we ever have (even if the now is a #$%& show from another planet!)

So, how do I set my goals?

I work off this 2023 goals (DOWNLOADABLE PDF) that I have created to write my goals.

I find it clear and helpful…and I would love for you to set yours too from it!

I always segment my goals into MIND, BODY and SPIRITUAL goals, with action steps specific to those.

I then write my non-negotiables.

I then write my self-care strategies that I will ‘GO-TO’ or employ.

I remind myself of the signs that my body tells me through signs and symptoms and then lean into what it is telling me.

What is your WHY behind your goal?

What is driving your need to fulfil this goal?

Is it from a space of lack? Not feeling enough? Feeling like it may compensate for something else?

What is the motivation?

I believe it is the energy behind the motivation and what DRIVES it, that is going to either feel GOOD or NOT…

What is going to make you THRIVE and comes from a heart centred space?

For example; meditation; is it coming from a space of feeling you are worthy to connect with your higher self, to switch off the information overload vs feeling like you ‘have to’ or have been ‘told to’. Both of these motivations feel very different.

Sitting with these thoughts, I believe help to filter and discern exactly what is important and what is not.

What does setting goals allow for me?

For me, I need structure and routine somewhat. It grounds me.

I live a little bit compartmentally. I need little wins to feel like I am being purposeful and productive; not too much though…I am much like Goldilocks (especially the eating and sleeping part!)

In time however, I have come to give myself GRACE. Motherhood has taught me to lean into the knowing that I cannot control everything, and to practice the art of SURRENDER.

I allow myself to put one step in front of the other.

No more.

No less.

For example, right now, my husband is overseas for business. I acknowledge that I don’t; need to be the best mum, have an immaculate house, ironed clothes, meals made from scratch, exercise to my capacity, work, maintain the businesses and do homework/sports/extra-curricular activities/comps/ tournaments etc.

I give myself grace, that I will do my best at any one time.

There is no one who will pat me on the back and say ‘Wow, well done Namita, you did ALL that in a day…everyday?’

Because there is no one to impress.

There is no ‘end destination’ to have achieved or arrived at.

All that I can do, is be present. Observe how I am feeling; what my body, mind and soul is telling me and to do my best.

I grant myself the grace that I deserve.

I give you permission to grant yourself that grace also.

So; in the spirit of sharing (from the downloadable sheet);

My 3 words for 2023;

  1. Spaciousness (not filling every waking moment with an activity)
  2. Vitality (energy, health, nutrition)
  3. Abundance (time, purpose, service, connection and love)

My Non-negotiables

Exercise, journaling, meditation, reading, time and space for work which is my dharma.

Asking or paying for the help that I need.

Balance between alone time and connection time.

Signs from my body to observe:

Inflammation (watch my reaction to alcohol; respect my temple enough to not ignore her)

Carrying tension in my shoulders, shallow breathing, ‘holding on’.

Being in my sympathetic nervous system all of the time and being a slave to the imaginary time pressure that we subscribe to.

Self care strategies:

Acupuncture monthly, massage when needed, taking long baths, going to the ocean, silent coffees, phone off, T.V off, silence, pausing and reading.

The mindful moment of the week; is for you to sit with your thoughts and set out your goals…and put it somewhere you can refer to it regularly!

xx Namita



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