From the 6th to the 12th November 2022, 47 partners or organisations are collaborating on AWARENESS on ALL things Perinatal Mental Health and the united collective theme is ‘we’re here, we get it’

The official platform for you to visit is which I encourage you to go visit!

On there, each organisation is linked so you can visit their website and know EXACTLY what they do…


This week is about SHINING THE LIGHT on this perinatal period, because it is this appreciation that this IS a UNIQUE time of biochemical, hormonal, physiological, physical, emotional and social changes.

By acknowledging its uniqueness, there is a real sense of understanding that we DO require a TRIBE to hold and support you.

These groups coming together, fosters this awareness…and is COLLABORATION at its finest.


Now on this pmhweek PLATFORM, you will receive DAILY themes to consider; so take a moment to read them, take it in…and then reach out if you feel like you do need extra support surrounding them.

It is in the SPEAKING UP and seeking whatever help you need, that is what is being encouraged not just this week; but every day of course!


The real life data is that;

+ 1 in 5 new mums

+ 1 in 10 new dads experience PNDA

This equates to around 100,000 Australian parents each year.

This in itself shows just how PREVALENT it is and how you are NOT alone or isolated in how you feel.

Now, for those of you who have followed me for a while, you would know that I am SO passionate about perinatal mental health as a health professional as a pharmacist…

BUT it IS a CAUSE SO incredibly close to my heart…because I had postnatal depression TWICE, with both of my boys…

I fell extremely hard, extremely fast on day 5 when my milk had set in and I was actually so scared to have a second baby; even petrified because I did not want to go through that darkness again.

We did decide to add to our family 4 years later, and I changed EVERY SINGLE variable I could think of IN my pregnancy and experience so that I wouldn’t get it again.

You name it, I changed it.

Very much my Type A personality trait of thinking that I could control the outcome.

Yet, for me, exactly on day 5 again, I fell into my postnatal depression and anxiety, and ironically it was actually far worse the second time.

This is WHY I have become SO passionate about health literacy on postnatal depression and creating resources of my published book ‘Shining the light on PND’, children’s book, guided meditations, blogs, podcast all on our Whole-istic Helaing CO. platform…

Because I really wanted to help fill the voids of suffering that I felt during my time and experience.

I wanted to help minimise the impact on other women and their families, because I know just how harrowing it was for me and my family.


So, I now am making it my life’s mission as a health professional, as a warrior and survivor…

I have gone on to become an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, as well as a Paediatric Massage consultant and certified infant massage instructor…

to help bring as many tools as I can to help our women and families along this journey.

I feel like it’s my DHARMA; my soul’s purpose to now be a vehicle of transparency, resources, and to share the message of HOPE that recovery IS possible and to disseminate this message and tools to help families THRIVE and not just SURVIVE this period in life…


So, this week we have the best, brightest, most skilled organisations with the UNITED and SAME message of building awareness, understanding, working together to reduce the STIGMA and FEAR…

And this to me feels like divine and sacred work, it truly does!


The united and collective theme this year is ’ ‘We’re here, we get it’

I also love HOW many organisations are partnering here, because there isn’t a ONE SIZE fits all model or approach here. Every person and circumstance is unique; causes are unique, symptoms are unique, and treatment is unique.

This means that being open and honest with what you are feeling and experiencing, this is what will help your health care tribe carry you to the side of recovery.

YOU are so deserving of recovery; it IS available to you too.

Your road may be quick and seamless.

Your road may be filled with ebbs and flows…

But know, that recognising HOW you feel is the FIRST most CRUICAL STEP and for the people you love around you to KNOW and RECOGNISE how you feel.

KNOW that it is perfectly normal and perfectly ok to be feeling the way that you do.


SPEAKING UP to your GP would always be a perfect place to start, in seeking the BEST RESOURCES. They can refer, arrange and liaise with the very BEST support partners for you.


If you visit the website, you will be taken directly to the partner’s website by clicking on it for further information…so I encourage you to jump on and take a look at what you feel may support you and help guide you to the path of your recovery so that you can THRIVE…

This Perinatal Mental Health Week is a collaboration of 47 organisations and partners and they are;

  1. Antenatal & Postnatal Psychology Network
  2. Australian Birth Trauma Association
  3. Bears of Hope
  4. Belmont Private Hospital
  5. Birthing Dads
  6. Centre of Perinatal Psychology
  7. COPE (Centre of Perinatal Excellence)
  8. DadSpace
  9. Dads Group
  10. Gidget Foundation Australia (I am a Gidget Angel and on the Clinical Governance Committee. I love ALL the work that they do, and what they represent. Proceeds of the profits of my books will be donated to this foundation, so this is a beautiful organisation that is very close to my heart)
  11. Healthy Male Andrology Australia
  12. Jean Hailes
  13. Karitane
  14. Little Sparklers
  15. Motherland
  16. MumSpace
  17. PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia)
  18. Parent-Infant Research Institute
  19. Peach Tree
  20. Perinatal Wellbeing Centre
  21. Possums & Co.
  22. Pregnancy Birth & Baby
  23. Radiance
  24. Red Nose
  25. Red Tree Foundation
  26. SMS 4 Dads
  27. St John of God Burwood Hospital
  28. Still Aware
  29. Stillbirth Foundation Australia
  30. The Australasian Marce’ Society
  31. The Australian Fatherhood Research Consortium
  32. The Pink Elephants Support Network
  33. This Way Up
  34. Through the Unexpected
  35. Tresillian
  36. Triple P Positive Parenting Program
  37. Tweddle
  38. ForWhen
  39. Suicide Prevention Australia

And supported by numerous Department of Health and Australian Government agencies as well!

Now, the PMHWweek website has information on HOW TO ASK; to help with communication, and knowing HOW to start the conversation;

-Asking your family member

-Asking your friend

-Asking your partner

-And Asking yourself…

These are very important questions to ask and helpful information on here so take a look!

A beautiful week of collaborative initiative, and one that is SO important.



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