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This week I dive into what the BIGGEST fears I had when I had postnatal depression. What held me back? Why?

This has been recorded to help others navigate through understanding what fears may be held by women going through this…and what may help to bring them through their fears.

(2.35) Discuss the BLOG that I wrote about this very topic and my fears

(3.19) Fears are SO normal and natural. They are our self-preservation and self-protection

(4.37) The first fear was NOT knowing WHAT was going on with me

(6.34) Another fear was feeling I would be STUCK this way FOREVER…and it scared me silly!


(8.08) The principle that my fears were based on the UNKNOWN

(8.33) Another fear was if I spoke up that I actually had NO idea what the consequences would be or what would happen to me

(11.13) The Fear that nothing would actually work to fix me and make me better

(12.39) I had the fear of not knowing HOW my body would react when I weaned off my medication

(14.47) The fear of what people would THINK of me; HOW I would be labelled or what perceptions would change and go in detail

(20.19) Explain the idea of SURRENDER, LETTING GO of CONTROL, FAITH and TRUST

(22.00) I went into my PRESENT day fears

(26.14) The PEARL to PRACTICE this week is to spend some time thinking of what YOUR fears are…and to think WHY they have their hold on you…WHERE do they stem from…HOW do they serve you…and how would you overcome them IF there was NO obstacle standing in your way…This exercise is designed to help you get to the bottom of HOW you are feeling…WHY and what you POTENTIALLY could DO about it…and I hope it gives you the encouragement and push towards breaking through it!!



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