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Will I EVER feel CONNECTION to myself, my baby, partner and life AGAIN?

This week I dive into the cruelest aspect or symptom of postnatal depression…and that is the DISCONNECTION that can come with it.

I explain what it is and how it may look like…in an attempt to NORMALISE it and broaden our understanding that it IS the condition that causes one to feel this way.

It is a brutally raw and honest episode…covering aspects that we need to talk more openly about!

(1.56) Setting the intention of this week’s episode

(4.03) Delving into how CRUEL this aspect of the condition is

(4.33) Discuss my book ‘Shining The Light on PND – The Journey from Darkness To Healing From Postnatal Depression’  Link:

(7.48) Explain how connected and beautiful my pregnancies were

(9.39) The change to the disconnection and how that came to be about


(11.20) I go through what it can look like

(13.55) Delve into the contrast between the two


(15.34) Speak about the importance of family and support people in getting you through this chapter in your life

(22.17) Understanding the HUGE void in the current arena and WHY I HAD to do something and take action in creating tools to help this disconnection aspect

(23.18) Explain how I came about my children’s book ‘My
Mummy After Our Baby – A Journey of Hope and Healing’
Link –

(25.46) I discuss how I came about the guided meditation albums with the special frequency music and WHY it plays a crucial role and part in this disconnection aspect.

Link – Guided Meditation album:

Sleep Album link:

(29.32) The main summary of the episode

(32.36) The MINDFUL MOMENT to practice this week is to focus for 3 minutes on the RISE and the FALL of your chest as you breathe deeply IN and OUT of your nose. 

Bringing focus and attention to the PRANA; the life-force energy within your body.

I have written this blog article also on the Whole-istic Healing
Co. website ALL about this aspect of PND;



Guided Meditation
Sleep Guided Meditation
My Mummy After Our Baby Book
Shining The Light on PND Book