Ayurveda Yoga


CONSISTENCY VS ‘ALL OR NOTHING’ MINDSET There were several mindsets that I reflected upon my recovery from postnatal depression, to see whether they served me and my highest good or not. This ‘ALL or NOTHING’ mindset was certainly one that I did imbibe and was one that I felt did not serve me any longer

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MINDFULNESS within the home and its SUBTLE effects

Mindfulness, whilst a very ‘trending’ word, is one that I have truly been able to harness, appreciate and value since embarking upon my studies in Ayurveda. We grew up in a home where meditation, pranayama (breathing), yoga, prayer and many rituals were a huge part of our lives. It planted a beautiful seed of seeing

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Pranayama is one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga and is the practice of clearing energy channels within the body through breath. There are several different types that you can do as a way to connect your body, mind and spirit…and can help to create clarity, calm and focus within the mind. They can be

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