Learning Ayurveda, the ancient Eastern modality of health and wellness through the application in lifestyle and practices, has been such a paradigm shift for me. Yes, as an Australian-born Indian woman, I have had influences from the principles throughout my life. Yet, as a pharmacist, with my scientific and dare I say ‘masculine’ mind, I

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Learning Ayurveda has been a journey of coming back home. Coming back to principles that feel so full of wisdom and divinity. Coming home to my truth. Coming home to foundations of a simple and elemental base. It feels like it is knowledge that runs through my veins, such that when my teacher in Perth

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What is the Ayurvedic perspective on Postnatal depression?

I remember when my first Ayurvedic teacher in Perth was teaching me about the body systems and what ensues in postnatal depression; I had the biggest ah ha moment! I had goose bumps all over my body; as if wow, this is beautifully explaining what happened to me! Sure, I understood the biochemistry and hormonal

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